Who we are

We are an idea that has been handed down from father to son, born in the polyurethane sector and raised with an unattainable desire for beauty.
Passion led us to find new solutions in the world of resins and microcements, gradually eliminating solvent-based products and orienting ourselves towards eco-sustainable solutions; for example all our packages are in recycled plastic.
Structured resins is a company dedicated to the creation, production and marketing of resins, which aims to propose advanced solutions in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors.

Thirty years of experience in materials and constant research & development in the field of polyurethane polymers has created resins with a high technological content and are simple to use.

Through the development of new aliphatic isocyanic materials and resins of natural origin, we have formulated highly specialized cold polyureas, able to withstand acid and highly basic attacks and therefore suitable for protecting all kinds of supports in the design and industrial sector.
Here you can find trained people, who thanks to experience and professionalism, know how to combine your ideas with aesthetic and functional needs.

Cosa facciamo

We produce resins and microcement for design

We produce resins for industrial surfaces

We produce pigments for resins and microcement

We produce and package third parties


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