Caring about the expectations and needs of our installers we have created a new line of single-use polyurethane resins "READY TO USE" with the same performance and unique features of our products: impact resistance, durability of color, reliability and classy superfinishing.

Our aim is to lighten the stages of construction sites with a cycle of OPEN AND APPLY products.

The products of our EASY LINE cycle have the peculiarity of a fast drying,layers do not require dilution and mixing.

Now you can easily and quickly coat and renew all interior surfaces with only 2 mm shim:

  • No surface to dismantle

  • No surface preparation

  • No material preparation in theconstruction site

  • It can be coloured with all water based pigments or tinting systems

Technical features

  • Cycle composed by Ready to Use products that don't require catalysis;

  • Products are pigmentable with tinting system or water based pigments;

  • Internal vertical and horizontal application;

  • Different grains available to obtain multiple aesthetic effects.

Cycle products


Primer 01 - Not absorbent surfaces

Primer 02 - Absorbent surfaces

Spatula resin

Resina El - Medium grain - Base TR e BB

Resina EL - Fine grain - Base TR e BB

Fondo o Primer

Fondo El smoothing - Base TR e BB

Primer 02

Top Coat

Finitura EL Lack

Finitura EL Matt

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